Religious or Fraternal Organizations

Because churches and other houses of worship serve those from all walks of life, the faith community has its finger on the pulse of the community, and is in a pivotal position to both prevent and intervene on substance misuse.

What’s in it for the faith community?

Partnering with a coalition in your community whose aim is to prevent or reduce substance misuse will give you broad-based support in a number of crucial areas.

Strengthening families – local coalitions have access to proven programs designed to strengthen family connections that can augment this important focus of the church.

Developing resiliency in youth to resist substance use and other high risk behaviors – This is where the missions of the church and the coalition meet. Resiliency research tells us that a strong moral compass. Preventing substance misuse and other high risk behaviors requires that we think and plan together about the welfare of the whole person, the whole family and the whole community.

Building community – another area in which both missions converge. Churches have long focused on the importance of developing a community that cares for and serves each other. Local coalitions are about creating collaborative relationships across disciplines and perspectives that will support innovative infrastructure and policy and change community norms.

Garnering additional resources to serve your congregation and the community at large – the church is an ideal setting for family-oriented events, educational activities, after-school programs and other needed neighborhood or community functions. State and federal funding sources are looking for opportunities to involve the faith community in dealing with community-wide issues.

Chronic substance use can decay a person, a family and a community from the inside out. Involvement by communities of faith is crucial in conquering this important societal epidemic.

Why Should You Care?

Addressing substance misuse will:

  • Reach families and communities
  • Positively change community norms and values
  • Build stronger communities
Why You Need to Help

Addressing substance misuse will:

  • Meet congregational needs
  • Address a moral obligation
  • Strengthen families

Opportunities For Collaboration


  • Distribute information in church bulletins/newsletters
  • Create inserts for church publications and library
  • Host prevention sabbath

Training and Education

  • Provide afterschool programs and child care
  • Provide pastoral counseling
  • Train youth pastors and parent groups
  • Coordinate and provide prevention professionals for afterschool programs
  • Incorporate effective prevention strategies into existing programs


  • Share transportation services and space
  • Provide in-kind services such as technology, printing, etc.
  • Sponsor camp scholarships
  • Share personnel

Community Change

  • Drive public policy and agenda
  • Promote faith as a protective factor
  • Train pastoral nurses
  • Host faith community prayer breakfast/Interfaith dinner
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