Media that is committed to illuminating the depth and breadth of the issue can be instrumental in creating awareness and inspiring action in the community. A well-informed audience will make better, wiser decisions.


What is in it for the media?

Local coalitions have great respect for their media partners. They are loyal and like you, they see media as a valuable tool to inform and educate. Here are some reasons why you will benefit from this relationship:

Educate the public on an important health and public safety priority – substance misuse is identified as one of the top three problems in most communities’ key concerns, you have aligned yourself with an issue that touches everyone and you have a significant opportunity to heighten awareness and influence public understanding of the issue.

Be a part of the solution – by involving yourself in a community coalition to reduce substance misuse, you gain access to potentially newsworthy perspectives, local, state and national experts, current research and an opportunity to be a part of the solution.

Create a vital communication link – reducing substance misuse is a long-term proposition. Many times what is missing at the coalition level is the ability to keep the public informed and cultivate ongoing support for evolving goals, projects, important changes and new ideas. Media attention highlights progress and rejuvenates the crucial public will that sustains progress through the long haul.

Ultimately media creates credibility and drives public opinion among its audience. It empowers community members with knowledge and ideas and gives them a sense of ownership in the change process. We encourage you to exercise this influence to create a safer, healthier community now and for our future.

Why Should You Care?

Addressing substance misuse will:

  • Broad access to community members
  • Increase credibility
  • Influence public opinion
Why You Need to Help

Addressing substance misuse will:

  • Obligation to inform and educate the public
  • Respond to the nation’s #1 health priority

Opportunities For Collaboration


  • Establish and maintain reach to the masses
  • Provide access and expertise to data, facts and human interest stories
  • Target prevention messages and community call to action

Training and Education

  • Provide PSAs
  • Provide timely updates and coalition progress
  • Sponsor community events


  • Provide free/reduced price airtime/space
  • Distribute prevention/wellness materials and provide experts/professionals
  • Cover/broadcast/host coalition events

Community Change

  • Drive public policy
  • Increase visibility as a responsible agent of change
  • Begin regular public opinion polling on substance misuse
  • Feature regular articles on substance misuse
  • Participate in and inform local editorial board or news dept.
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