Law Enforcement Agencies

Youth access to alcohol is also a key issue in the prevention of juvenile delinquency, and it is not surprising that the NDAA has a special committee focused on this issue. It’s fair to say that the NDAA is substantially involve on a national level in reducing and preventing substance misuse.

While local coalitions focused on reducing substance misuse frequently partner with law enforcement to engage in retail compliance checks, sobriety checkpoints or community policing, they are not as involved with the local District Attorney’s Office.

What’s in it for law enforcement?

When the full force of law enforcement is behind the resolution of a public safety issue, change occurs. That is why getting involved with your local substance misuse prevention coalition is so important. Here are a few more reasons:

Increased public safety – there is no doubt that substance misuse and crime share a dangerous relationship. When the District Attorney and the community join together to prioritize a public safety issue such as substance misuse, it heightens the perceived priority in the mind of the public, increases positive community involvement, elevates respect and visibility for your efforts and raises the probability of success.

Strengthened community relationships – working with a local coalition provides your office with access to a cross section of community organizations and individuals of like mind who are committed to thinking through substance misuse, its related problems and potential solutions. Solutions to substance misuse and crime require comprehensive strategies and the cooperation of multiple sectors of the community. Quality collaboration builds quality relationships now and for the future.

Opportunity to influence policy – a number of coalitions organize policy panels and support changes in policy that make reducing substance misuse easier and more acceptable in the community. The input and support of the District Attorney’s office is crucial in crafting workable policies and in overcoming potential barriers.

There is no doubt that District Attorneys are already busy enough, but consider this: strategic involvement in efforts to reduce substance misuse will pay you back in decreased crime, increased successful prosecutions and increased public safety.

Why Should You Care?

Addressing substance misuse will:

  • Decrease crime
  • Improve public safety
Why You Need to Help

Addressing substance misuse will:

  • Maximize limited resources
  • Increase positive community involvement and image
  • Enhance successful prosecution

Opportunities For Collaboration


  • Conduct regular briefings and communications to public
  • Increase positive press and highlight accomplishments
  • Conduct joint media relations

Training and Education

  • Conduct compliance checks and stings
  • Enforce sobriety check points
  • Conduct roll call training
  • Create workforce development training
  • Conduct party patrols, server/seller training


  • Provide money for prevention through access to forfeiture funds
  • Provide manpower
  • Train crime prevention volunteers
  • Create resources for services such as in-school programs, sobriety checks, tobacco checks
  • Collect and analyze crime data

Community Change

  • Implement public policy
  • Advocate for stricter enforcement
  • Coordinate calendar for enforcement activities
  • Adopt and enforce teen party ordinances
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