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The average employee using substances operates at 67 percent of his or her potential, and is more likely to accrue absences of eight days or more, arrive late for work and/or leave early, file workers’ compensation and costly medical claims and change jobs frequently. Costs for these behaviors add up quickly for any business, especially for small business.

Local business takes a leadership role in reducing the crippling costs of substance misuse in the workplace substantially increases productivity and viability as well as image for businesses large and small.


What’s in it for the Business Community?

Partnering with a local coalition whose aim is to prevent or reduce substance misuse benefits  the business community through:

Increased visibility – local coalitions communicate regularly with their members and the community at large. They recognize and thank their partners publicly and often.

Strengthened communications – coalitions can assist local businesses to build awareness of the toll substance misuse takes on their community, assist community members in crafting targeted prevention messages to their workforce.

Expanded Services – many coalitions offer workforce education on substance misuse. Combined resources could result in comprehensive drug-free workplace training for local businesses and an increased number of drug-free workplaces in the community.

Increased Resources – local coalitions can access a wealth of information material on a variety of substance misuse related topics for distribution to local members and their employees, as well as wellness speakers for employee awareness and education activities.

A Stronger and Well-Informed Workforce – a workforce that is equipped with the information it takes to balance health, work and home is more productive and proactive, resulting in greater safety, less absenteeism and better decision-making.

Why Should You Care?

Addressing substance misuse will:

  • Reduce Healthcare Costs
  • Increase Productivity
Why You Need to Help

Addressing substance misuse will:

  • Reduce Healthcare Costs
  • Decrease Absenteeism
  • Increase Employee Retention

Opportunities For Collaboration


  • Provide regular means of communication
  • Disseminate wellness/substance misuse materials
  • Distribute targeted prevention messages

Training and Education

  • Provide EAP or workforce development
  • Educate the Workforce
  • Conduct comprehensive drug-free workplace training/EAP programs


  • Participate in charitable giving
  • Provide Wellness/prevention materials and professionals
  • Share personnel-mentorships

Community Change

  • Policies related to health, wellness and social justice
  • Advocate for safe working environment
  • Increase members who adopt drug-free workplace policies
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