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ASAP relies on a wide array of partnerships with different community sectors to successfully prevent substance misuse in Anderson County. The coalition typically meets monthly on the fourth Monday at noon at the ASAP of Anderson office. Walk-ins of all backgrounds are welcome. Please visit our Events Calendar for updates or changes to the regular meeting.

Youth Ambassador Coalition (YAC)

The ASAP of Anderson works with middle and high school students across Anderson County to implement strategies for change.

Community Sectors


Business Community

The average substance abusing employee operates at 67 percent of his or her potential, and is more likely to accrue absences of eight days or more, arrive late for work and/or leave early, file workers’ compensation and costly medical claims and change jobs frequently. Costs for these behaviors add up quickly for any business, especially for small business.

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Media that is committed to illuminating the depth and breadth of the issue can be instrumental in creating awareness and inspiring action in the community. A well-informed audience will make better, wiser decisions.

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Schools & Other Youth-Serving Organizations

Active involvement from school systems in substance misuse prevention is essential to effective prevention efforts in our community.  Youth involvement addresses three critical elements that researchers identify as essential to positive growth and development. 

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Law Enforcement Agencies

Youth access to alcohol is also a key issue in the prevention of juvenile delinquency, and it is not surprising that the NDAA has a special committee focused on this issue. It’s fair to say that the NDAA is substantially involve on a national level in reducing and preventing substance misuse.

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Religious or Fraternal Organizations

Because churches and other houses of worship serve those from all walks of life, the faith community has its finger on the pulse of the community, and is in a pivotal position to both prevent and intervene on substance misuse.

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Civic & Volunteer Groups

Local community substance misuse prevention coalitions use a data-informed planning process that is born out of a comprehensive community assessment of both community-level data and other available resources. Together, we can target the best use of new resources as they are unavailable to the community.

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Healthcare Professionals

Building a quality relationship with a local substance misuse prevention coalition gives you an opportunity to integrate the medical point of view into the planning and execution of local strategies to reduce substance misuse and related problems in the community.

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State & Local Government Agencies

National Association of Counties has recognized the threat that substance misuse, especially methamphetamine, poses to community and county safety by placing the reduction of methamphetamine use in their goals.

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