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Everyone has a role in prevention. It takes a community to create safe and healthy environments for our children, and we’d like to invite you to volunteer with ASAP of Anderson, whether you are:

  • A parent looking for tips to raise your children in the know about substance misuse,
  • A community leader looking to create or join an anti-drug coalition,
  • A college- or university-based health and wellness professional looking to improve the lives of your students,
  • A family grieving the loss of a loved one to an overdose,
  • An adult ally who empowers young people to lead their peers in prevention,
  • A youth leader in prevention creating a better school and better community,
  • An advocate wanting to create a better world for all,
  • Or a volunteer or donor wanting to support the initiatives of ASAP of Anderson.

Whoever you are, we invite you to find your role in prevention. Select “I want to help” or “Join a Committee” below to learn more about ASAP’s volunteer opportunities.

As a prosecutor, I see people on a daily basis whose substance misuse has already gotten the better of them, and it is very difficult for them to make a successful recovery. The goal of prevention is to reach our community’s young people before substance misuse becomes an issue, and that’s why I love volunteering with ASAP of Anderson.

Brandon Pelizzari

Assistant District Attorney


ASAP of Anderson has 4 active volunteer-led committees that are open for individuals to join. If you’re interested in joining a committee, review the descriptions below and complete the link at the bottom of the page.

All committees carry out the following activities:

  • Coordinate and communicate with ASAP staff members
  • Take photos and videos throughout committee planning, during events, etc. 
  • Evaluate successes and areas for improvement after event/fundraiser/etc. is over
  • Utilize Facebook group or other platform to communicate and coordinate amongst committee members throughout the year
  • Report out at Coalition Meetings

The committee will organize and implement a 50/50 Raffle and ASAP booth at the Anderson County Fair in July each year.

Event Type: Fundraiser w/ Alcohol awareness
Timeframe: January to July
Major Responsibilities:

  • AC Fair Booth
  • Logistics
  • Activities and Displays for the booth
  • Volunteers (coordinating with Volunteer Committee)
  • ASAP Swag – find sponsorship for fans and/or other swag
  • Signage for the booth
  • 50/50 Raffle
  • Logistics
  • Manage and track raffle ticket sales
  • Recruit coalition members to sell raffle tickets
  • Promotional materials and advertisement
  • Find sponsorships for 2nd and 3rd prizes
  • Social media content
Ally of the Year/Banquet Committee

The committee will organize and implement Ally of the Year fundraising event and support Allies as they compete for the most votes in January, and plan and implement Volunteer Appreciation Banquet in February.

Event Type: Fundraiser, Appreciation event
Timeframe: July to January
Major Responsibilities:

  • Banquet logistics – venue, date, location, decorations, food
  • Banquet materials – invitations, name tags, printed materials, awards
  • Recruit nominated community leaders to be run for Ally of the Year
  • Support each Ally equally as they compete
  • Promotional materials and advertisement of Ally of the Year competition
  • Social media content
  • Manage and track Ally voting
Red Ribbon Week Committee

The committee will organize and implement education and awareness for substance use prevention activities during Red Ribbon Week in October each year.

Event Type: Awareness w/ youth-focused fundraiser

Timeframe: June to October

Major Responsibilities: 

  • Coordinate with POCs at each school
  • Activities with middle and high school students – Past activities included Poster contest
  • Manage and track red ribbon sales for each school
  • Promotional materials and advertisement, including social media content
  • Volunteers (coordinating with Volunteer Committee)
  • ASAP swag – find sponsorship for giveaways and incentives, such as gift cards, tattoos, pencils
  • Plan and implement media event to promote Red Ribbon Week
Volunteer Committee

The committee will do all things volunteers! They will organize, manage, and track volunteers for all ASAP events and fundraisers, but they will also encourage and support ASAP coalition volunteers and recruit new members throughout the year.

Event Type: N/A

Timeframe: October 1 to September 30 (yearly reappointment)

Major Responsibilities: 

  • Track and organize committee requests for volunteers
  • Recruit volunteers to represent ASAP at events, meetings, media spots, etc. throughout the year
  • Track volunteer opportunities
  • Create and update volunteer recruitment materials
  • Maintain new member handbook
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