Everyone has a role in prevention. You can help create a safe environment for our children by volunteering with ASAP of Anderson. Some opportunities include working with teens in our Youth Ambassador Coalition, handing out items at tabling events, recruiting and managing volunteers, office help, and more! Join today whether you are:

  • A parent looking for tips to raise your children in the know about substance misuse,
  • A community leader looking to create or join an anti-drug coalition,
  • A college-based health and wellness professional looking to improve the lives of your students,
  • A family grieving the loss of a loved one to an overdose,
  • An adult ally who empowers young people to lead their peers in prevention,
  • A youth leader in prevention creating a better school and better community,
  • An advocate wanting to create a better world for all.

Whoever you are, we invite you to find your role in prevention. Select “I want to help” to get involved with ASAP’s volunteer opportunities.

As a prosecutor, I see people on a daily basis whose substance misuse has already gotten the better of them, and it is very difficult for them to make a successful recovery. The goal of prevention is to reach our community’s young people before substance misuse becomes an issue, and that’s why I love volunteering with ASAP of Anderson.

Brandon Pelizzari

Assistant District Attorney

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