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About ASAP

ASAP of Anderson’s mission is to prevent and reduce substance misuse among youth and adults in Anderson County


A drug-free Anderson County


Prevention: is cost effective and ensures a long-term, healthy solution for substance use prevention that spans across generations

Compassion: all people deserve an opportunity to be a contributing member of our community; destigmatizing substance use disorder is the foundation by which this will be achieved

Knowledge: raise awareness and provide education to ensure Anderson County continues to be on the forefront of effective prevention strategies

Connectedness: collaborate across all twelve sectors of our community to ensure prevention is a priority so we can effectively meet people where they are

Progress: implement a comprehensive and complimentary set of strategies, proven to be effective in preventing and reducing substance misuse in Anderson County

Proactive: continuously meet the needs of the community by being pioneers in the field of prevention and using proximate data to identify new and emerging trends

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By utilizing the Seven Strategies the ASAP Coalition has accomplished:

Long-Term Outcomes

  • Reduction in youth alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and prescription drug use.

Intermediate-Term Outcomes

  • Decrease in youth perceived access to alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and prescription drugs.
  • Increase in alcohol retailer compliance with underage drinking laws.
  • Increase rate of physicians utilizing the Controlled Substance Monitoring Database.
  • Increase youth perception of parent disapproval of alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs.
  • Increase youth perception of peer disapproval of alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs.

Short-Term Outcomes

  • Increase store clerks who always ask for age identification before selling alcohol and tobacco.
  • Decrease the number of parents who host parties with alcohol for adolescents.
  • Increase rate of households who monitor and secure prescription medications.
  • Increase the number of alcohol and tobacco retails displaying signage that they will not sell to minors.
  • Increase awareness of Tennessee’s Social Host Liability Law.
  • Increase awareness of medications that cause Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.

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AC Pain Clinic Zoning Resolution 2015
Anderson County Litigation Tax 2016
Anderson County Resolution No. 12-433_alcohol training

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