Prescription drug misuse and misuse are significant problems in Anderson County.  Evidence of the downstream consequences of misuse and misuse includes in-utero drug dependency and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), accidental ingestion and unintentional overdose, property damage and personal injury associated with driving under the influence, and crime related to drug offenses.

In order to limit the number of prescription drugs available in the community for potential misuse, misuse and diversion, we must decrease the supply of drugs through judicious prescribing, encourage and support participation in take-back locations, and safeguard those drugs which are prescribed for appropriate use.

The Tennessee Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Outpatient Management of Non-Malignant Pain are intended to support clinicians in their management of chronic pain with special attention to the use of opioids.  An online copy of the guidelines can be found here.

Anderson County now has four permanent medicine disposal bins located at the Clinton Police Department, Norris Police Department, Oliver Springs Police Department, and Rocky Top Police Department.  A new permanent medicine disposal bin will be installed at the Oak Ridge Police Department in the coming months.  Information on how to utilize these bins can be found here.

ASAP encourages the use of home medicine lock boxes.  There are many different options available for purchase here at Amazon and other retailers.  For help on obtaining a lock box for someone in need please call 865-457-3007.  And remember, ½ of a percent of all purchases made through Amazon Smile will be donated to ASAP when you choose to support Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention.  You can register with Amazon Smile here.

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