Quitting smoking or smokeless tobacco can be one of the hardest things a person has to do.  Between the nicotine addiction, habits and rituals, other smokers and tobacco users, images of smoking and tobacco on TV and in movies and cigarettes and other tobacco products at the register of nearly every convenience store, pharmacy (a big thank you CVS for no longer being on of these pharmacies) and grocery store the temptation to smoke can be overwhelming and seemingly impossible.  The good news is in this age of technology we can use new tools such as apps, websites and quit-lines to help overcome these urges and triggers.  Below is some information about available resources.

You can sign up for The Tennessee Tobacco Quitline for free by either calling them at 1-800-QUIT-NOW or by going to their website at tnquitline.org.  Either way you will be able to register  for the FREE Tennessee Tobacco Quit Line program to help you quit for good and receive a FREE Tobacco Quit Kit, work with a FREE Quit Coach and learn to deal with tobacco cravings and other challenges.

The American Lung Association also offers and online tobacco cessation program, Freedom From Smoking® Online which takes you through modules, each containing several lessons.  To see if this program is right for you go to their website at www.ffsonline.org.

Quit smoking apps are also becoming very popular and many are offered for free at the Google Play store and the iTunes store.  These apps can do things like track how many days you have been smoke-free, how much money and time you have saved by not smoking, give you information on the benefits of quitting and inspiration to complete your journey to become smoke free.

Good luck and please let ASAP know about your success!

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