Come support the Be A Parent, Not A Peer campaign by coming to the Oak Ridge at Anderson County football game tonight, September 11th, and signing the pledge to “Be A Parent, Not A Peer” and receive your free insulated tumbler as a thank you for not providing alcohol to minors.  If you can’t make it to the game, you can still sign the pledge by clicking here!

ASAP, in partnership with the Youth Coalition, has launched the Be A Parent, Not A Peer campaign at High School football games as well as other events throughout the county.  Hundreds of pledges have been signed by other adults stating that they will not be an enabler and will not supply alcohol to underage teens, they will not encourage underage drinking and will also talk to other parents about their rules before allowing their child to spend time in their home.

Enabling underage drinking is dangerous and can lead to not only legal consequences, for both adults and teens, but can cause a variety of health risks as well.  In Tennessee, it is against the law for a host to knowingly allow an underage adult (someone who is younger than 21 years old) to consume alcohol on property the host owns or controls.  It is illegal for a person to give or buy alcohol for any minor for any purpose.  You can read more about Tennessee’s Social Host Liability Law in Tennessee Code Annotated § 39-15-404.

Alcohol has negative physical effects on underage drinkers which are especially important for student athletes to be aware of.  One night of drinking can erase as much as 2 weeks of athletic training and effects of alcohol on the brain can include nerve tissue damage, problems with attention span, and difficulty comprehending and interpreting visual information.

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