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Submitted by: Tim Isbel, County Commissioner

It is with great revelation as the Chairman of the Anderson County Beer Board to report the success of the alliance between Anderson County Commission, Anderson County Beer Board and ASAP. We have several awareness programs we are working on together, most notably the Responsible Vendor program. Resolution No. 12-433 was passed by the Anderson County Beer Board and Commission in March of 2012 requiring mandatory training requirements for all employees of beer permit holders. The measured success we have seen in such a short implementation time is remarkable. Since the resolution passed we have had 48 participants from 11 establishments complete the training with a 100 percent passing rate and average score of 96.6 percent. Of the times I have taught the class myself the awareness of the students to learning tolerance levels and legal implications are real “eye openers.” Another outstanding success to report is in our compliance rate by beer outlets. Since September 2011, the county compliance rate has increased 17.7 percent to 86.7 percent compliant and clerks trained by ASAP, to date, remain 100 percent compliant with underage drinking laws. In speaking with Stephanie Strutner, Executive Director of ASAP, she said “we are thrilled with the noteworthy outcomes of the training ordinance. It goes to show you how effective we can be at reducing underage drinking when we work collaboratively.” Going forward with ASAP in educating our county students of the effects of alcohol is another area I am sure we can have measured success. In addition, partnering with the Anderson County Alternatives to Incarceration program is another way that ASAP can be both successful and beneficial to the great people of Anderson County.

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