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Now that we have 5 permanent medicine disposal bins for Anderson County residents to easily and properly dispose of their unwanted, unused or expired medicines we wanted to make sure that everyone had all the information they needed to feel comfortable using the bins.  Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the bins.

Where are the bins located?

There are 4 bins in Anderson County at the following locations

  • Clinton Police Department at 125 W. Broad Street in Clinton
  • Norris Police Department at 9 West Circle Road in Norris
  • Oak Ridge Police Department at 200 S. Tulane Avenue in Oak Ridge
  • Oliver Springs Police Department at 701 Main Street in Oliver Springs
  • Rocky Top Police Department at 104 Lawson Street in Rocky Top

Do I have to speak with anyone when I take my medicine?

No, the bins are located in the lobby of the police departments.  You may just walk in, put your medicine in the bin and leave.

Are there instructions for the bin?

Secure unused medicine in its original container or a sealed bag.  If you forget these instructions or what is accepted and not accepted at the bin there are instructions printed on the bin at the police department.

What can go into the permanent disposal bin?

At the bin we accept prescription medications, antibiotics, steroids, cold and flu medicines, vitamins, herbal supplements, pet medications, medication samples, medicated ointments/lotions and unused sharps (epinephrine, unused pricking devises).

What is not accepted at the bin?

Business waste and used sharps are not accepted at the permanent medicine disposal bins.

Thank you for doing your part to prevent misuse and protect our environment!  If you have any other questions please feel free to call Stacey at 865-457-3007.


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