ANDERSON COUNTY, TENN. June 1, 2023 – ASAP of Anderson is offering Drug-Free Workplace training to protect businesses and help employees stay safe in Anderson County. If businesses take the in-person course, they are protected by placing the burden of proof on the employee if a workplace accident occurs and that person tests positive for illegal drugs. Businesses will also be eligible to save 5% off their workers’ compensation insurance by becoming a drug-free workplace.

Employees will be educated on their company’s policies, tips to identify substance misuse and how to get recovery support if needed. Supervisors will learn about the science of how drugs interact with the body, signs someone may be actively using and how to reduce stigma so that employees are more likely to come forward if they need help. The training lasts one hour for employees and two hours for supervisors, which costs $350 for each training.

Manufacturing Sciences Corporation in Oak Ridge, Tennessee had 12 employees trained by ASAP staff in May, and the City of Clinton had 125 employees trained in June. Other businesses that have been educated by ASAP in the past include Oak Ridge Utility District and Wilson Sporting Goods.

To sign up for ASAP’s Drug-Free Workplace Training, visit their website. Learn more about Tennessee’s Drug-Free Workplace Program at Tennessee’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s website. In addition to signing up for the training, applicants will need to fill out the application on Tennessee’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s website under “How to Get Started” in order to qualify for the 5% off workers’ compensation insurance.

To stay up to date with ASAP’s latest news, visit www.ASAPofAnderson.org and follow ASAPofAnderson on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Businesses can save 5% on workers' comp by signing up for ASAP's Drug-Free Workplace Training.

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