Students and police officers hold a L.E.A.D. Camp banner.

ASAP of Anderson and other organizations across the county participated in this year’s Law Enforcement Against Drugs Camp, or L.E.A.D. Camp, for incoming 6th graders in Anderson County.

ASAP set up three stations pertaining to e-cigarettes, alcohol and medication. The alcohol station provided an activity with isopropyl alcohol and eggs that represented how alcohol can destroy the brain. “I loved teaching 5th graders about underage drinking prevention. They seemed to enjoy the interactive experience,” said Chantel Harris, Communications Manager at ASAP. “L.E.A.D. Camp is one of my favorite events with ASAP, and I can’t wait to do it again next year.”

The medication safety station taught students about safely taking medication at the direction of a parent, guardian or doctor and to be aware of the differences between candy and sweets and medication that may look like candy. The students had the opportunity to conduct an experiment by mixing vinegar with sugar, baking powder, and baking soda. Each mixture represented different possibilities that can happen when taking medication safely or when misusing medication. This activity cemented the points of prescription and over-the-counter medication safety and the kids loved it.

“Being able to participate in Anderson County’s L.E.A.D. Camp was a great way to start our summer here at ASAP,” said Jarod Ormsby, one of ASAP’s prevention coordinators that led the station all about e-cigarettes. “I have found that kids tend to have just as many questions about substance misuse as we adults do. Participating in L.E.A.D. Camp provided a format in which kids could have their questions addressed in a comfortable environment.”


Roane County Anti-Drug Coalition set up their own station speaking to students about nicotine. Students learned about heavy metals listed in nicotine products, such as lead, nickel, chromium, arsenic, and many more. Throughout RCADC’s presentation, they held conversations with the youth about the potential pressures of vaping in middle school, and how to make healthy, informed decisions to turn down these pressures. Students were given protective factors, we talked about healthy coping skills, they were encouraged to find their passions and hobbies, and to be a good leader at their school. It was a great day!

Of course, it wasn’t all work and no play. ASAP came back for water day! Water slides, a cookout and other activities were set up to celebrate the kids’ hard work all throughout the camp. The students even convinced Sergeant Garrison to get soaked with giant fire truck hoses. ASAP got in on the fun with intern Imelia Markus-Brock taking a dip in the dunk tank.

ASAP thanks Anderson County Schools and the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office for allowing us to participate in L.E.A.D Camp! Parents of upcoming 5th graders, be on the lookout for how you can get your students involved in next year’s camp.

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