I first heard about ASAP when I was asked to represent RID (Remove Intoxicated/Impaired Drivers) at ASAP meetings. I had been a member of RID for many years, giving both time and financial support to that organization. From the beginning I was impressed with the businesslike way ASAP meetings were run. Over time I became aware of the enormous amount that ASAP was, and still is, achieving with limited resources. I am truly impressed by all they do for the youth in Anderson County. I try to split my disposable time and income between a local cause and a world-wide one. ASAP has become my local worthy cause. I see it as reaching most of the youth in Anderson County with timely information about alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs. I now see, from my time with ASAP, that it is better to spend time and funds to educate young people so that, hopefully, they do not have to be rehabilitated later in life at great cost to the community. My world-wide support goes to Rotary, an organization that reaches both adults and children worldwide.

wendy williams

Photo caption: Wendy Williams gets warm during a drug take back event.

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