This month, ASAP would like to spotlight our student intern, Imelia Markus-Brock, to express our appreciation for all of her hard work with us. Imelia, a junior at Oak Ridge High School and YAC student, has helped us with a variety of tasks in our office and out in the community, generously donating what little spare time had in her schedule. While we are sad for her internship to come to an end in August, we want to praise Imelia for her contributions and help you get to know her better. In that spirit, we asked Imelia some questions about herself, her time with us at ASAP, and her plans for the future. Here’s what she told us:

ASAP staff: What is your favorite extracurricular activity? What do you do for fun?

Imelia: My favorite activity is going on walks or runs with my dogs, friends, or family. Being outside, especially in good weather, and exercising helps me clear my head. I often find that this leads to great conversations and interactions with strangers which always make my day better!

ASAP staff: What is your favorite school subject?

Imelia: My favorite subject has been math because I have had some really great teachers, and I enjoy solving problems in a way that’s methodical.

ASAP staff: What are your post-high school plans?

Imelia: I plan to attend a four-year university and get a degree in either mechanical engineering or architecture. After college I plan to have a career in a combination of both of those fields, probably researching how to make architecture more sustainable with emerging technologies. I hope to do something that is technical but also creative and will make a positive impact on the environment! Aside from my school/work life, I will probably participate in some sort of activism or community service, like I have with ASAP.

ASAP staff: Why were you interested in serving as ASAP’s intern?

Imelia: Before I reached out to ASAP, I worked part time at Aubrey’s. It felt monotonous and like I was just a cog in a machine. Instead, I wanted to gain work experience by doing something that I felt made an impact and have flexibility, which I found at ASAP.

ASAP staff: What was your favorite part of the internship?

Imelia: My favorite part has been creating social media posts on Canva, because I really enjoy graphic design. I also enjoyed the public speaking I did on WVLT about prom night, and to the Oak Ridge School Board about my trip to D.C. I enjoy talking to people when I’m passionate about something— preventing substance misuse in this case!

We thank Imelia so much for her time and her efforts, and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

Imelia holds a YAC recruitment card at an Oak Ridge High School event.

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