Activist, scholar, and professor Marjorie Moore once said “Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote everyday about the kind of community you want to live in.”


ASAP volunteers have guided and driven the work of the coalition since its inception in 2008. Every single volunteer is critical to our success, no matter how large or small their role. In February, ASAP had the opportunity to recognize some volunteers for the lasting impression they made on our community over the past year.


Nancy Foster and Jen Laurendine were recognized for their leadership and service on the Executive Committee. Stacey Pratt and Donna Kelsey were recognized for their significant efforts organizing things behind the scenes to enable coalition members to be positioned to do the tremendous work they do.


Theresa Scott was recognized as the 2017-2018 Prevention Power Partner. The Prevention Power Partner Award is given to a community member who staunchly supports prevention, often behind the scenes. Past award winners include District Attorney Dave Clark, former Deputy Director of Schools Leisa Fair, Deputy Chief Vaughn Becker, and Law Director Jay Yeager. Each of these individuals has engaged in a significant amount of work, which often goes unnoticed, but is a true leader and champion for prevention in our community.


2017-2018 Prevention Power Award Winner Theresa Scott with Stephanie Strutner


Ms. Scott has been outspoken for prevention as long as we’ve known her. She shares her passion for prevention regularly and promotes prevention more times than we can even count, everywhere she goes. Her leadership and persistence positioned ASAP to engage in the most successful fundraising campaign in our history. Our community is a safer, healthier place, and adolescents have a better opportunity for success because of her contributions.


ASAP also recognized some In-TENT-se Volunteers who camped out at the courthouse during the “Camping for Community” campaign: Naomi Asher, Russell Barker, and Michael Foster.


Our Most In-TENT-se Volunteer Awardees


Tim Isbel, Julie Kendrick, Andy Garrett, and Adam Moreno were recognized for accumulating more than 25 volunteer hours. Michael Foster, Vaughn Becker, Nancy Foster, and Jen Laurendine were recognized for accumulating more than 50 volunteer hours.


Kim Pouncey was honored with the Kris Stult’s Distinguished Service Award for accumulating more than 200 hours of volunteer service. She joins the ranks of John Kelsey, Mary Tuskan, Bill Hall, Kathy Scruggs, and David Vudragovich, each of whom have received this notable award in previous years.


The awards banquet was the culmination of the Ally of the Year campaign. Candidates competed against each other to raise money and awareness for substance use prevention. We are so appreciative to each candidate for their efforts raising $6,930 this year, the third year of the campaign. Congratulations to the fourth runner up, Harold Edwards; the third runner up, Stanton Martin; the second runner up, Chief James Shetterly; the first runner up, Leslie England; and the 2018 ASAP Ally of the Year, Pastor Wayne Phillips from Main Street Baptist Church!


ASAP Ally of the Year Candidates with Winner Pastor Wayne Phillips


ASAP and its members also recognized community businesses that have been influential in reducing prescription drug misuse. This year, three businesses stepped forward to take an active role in prevention. ASAP recognized Walgreens in Oak Ridge, Laura Lynn Riden State Farm Agency, and Chick-fil-A of Oak Ridge with a Responsible Business Award for their community contributions.


I am so thankful for all of our volunteers. You have truly had a significant impact on your community. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something! Thank you for doing your part!


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