Citizens took advantage of the new permanent medicine disposal bins this past Saturday, April 26, 2014 during a nationwide collection event.  ASAP (Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention) partnered with the Clinton Police Department, Lake City Police Department, Norris Police Department, Oak Ridge Police Department and Oliver Springs Police Department to participate in the event coordinated by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as a as part of a continued effort to reduce drug misuse and practice stewardship toward our environment.

According to Stephanie Strutner, Executive Director of ASAP, 219.4 pounds of medication were collected on Saturday from four permanent disposal bin sites at CPD, NPD, LCPD and OSPD and one event site at ORPD.  Medicine collected was incinerated to comply with federal guidelines.  All paper and plastic containers were recycled.

Organizers would like to thank all of those who helped make this event possible, including residents who brought medicine for disposal, local law enforcement partners, DEA, Anderson County Solid Waste Department, South College School of Pharmacy and ASAP volunteers.

Don’t forget to clean out your medicine cabinets and dispose of unused, unwanted or expired medications at the permanent bins located at:

Clinton Police Department: 125 W. Broad Street, Clinton

Lake City Police Department: 104 Lawson Street, Lake City

Norris Police Department: 9 W Circle Road, Norris

Oliver Springs Police Department: 701 Main Street, Oliver Springs

For more information on future collection events, please visit the calendar.

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