With temperatures getting warmer and spring break coming up for schools in Anderson County, it’s time to talk about social hosting.

What is Social Hosting?
Social Hosting ordinances are laws pertaining to providing and/or serving alcohol to other individuals. These ordinances mean that if an individual serves alcohol to someone they can be held criminally or even civilly liable if that person breaks the law. Social Hosting laws across the country are proven ways to effectively reduce underage drinking, according to Prevention.org.

Tennessee’s social hosting pertains to serving or providing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. Doing so would be a $1,000 fine as well as criminal misdemeanor charges in court. Mothers Against Drunk Driving Tennessee advocated for Tennessee’s social hosting bill in 2021 saying over 4,000 teens die from alcohol-related incidents per year across the country.

Under this law, adults who provide alcohol would face criminal charges but would not be faced with civil lawsuits for damages done by an underage intoxicated person. Tennessee has a separate civil social hosting law that pertains to damages done by intoxicated adults in very specific circumstances.

Overall, the best way to avoid social hosting issues entirely is to enjoy alcohol responsibly and encourage your friends to do the same. Always have a plan on how to get home so you avoid driving drunk, even if that plan is just crashing on someone’s couch! Never serve alcohol to someone who’s underage. Access resources from our website to learn more about underage drinking prevention.


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