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ASAP of Anderson offers training sessions for employees and supervisors to companies who seek to maintain their certification with the Tennessee Drug Free Workplace Program. All training sessions are consistent with the requirements outlined in the Tennessee Rules of Department of Labor, Division of Workers’ Compensation, Chapter 800-2-12.13(a and b) for Drug Free Workplace Programs.


ASAP offers on-site training sessions for any shift. Each training session provides detailed information to promote understanding of the company policy. In addition, information on the purpose of the Drug Free Workplace Program and related employee obligations are discussed, along with a discussion about addiction, commonly misused substances, and treatment options. Employees will participate in an activity to promote a healthy workplace and will be given information on how to recognize impairment.


Supervisor training is offered to promote understanding of supervisor roles and responsibilities as they relate to the company’s Drug Free Workplace Program. ASAP’s supervisor training outlines signs of misuse and provides tips for recognizing on-the-job impairment. The supervisor training provides recommendations on how to approach a policy violation and provides discussion on reasonable suspicion, treatment referral, and supportive management.



Employee Training
Mandatory annual hours: 1
Cost: $75/hour
Includes: training appropriate for groups up to 50 participants, depending on company space limitations


Supervisor Training
Mandatory annual hours: 3
Cost: $75/hour
Includes: training and handouts appropriate for groups up to 50 participants, depending on company space limitations


Drug-Free Workplace Program Development
Program application assistance
Cost: $250 flat fee
Includes: assistance with company policy, drug testing policy, EAP protocol, and application materials