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Best Practice



The Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services developed a substance use tool guide to help establish best practices for medical professionals.


Best Practices contain information and resources  pertaining to substance use disorders. The documents align with initiatives of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration:


  • Increasing awareness and understanding of substance use;


  • Promoting the use of best practices for individuals with substance use disorders, including co-occurring disorders;


  • Encouraging innovative and improved practice in the field;


  • Enhancing capacity that will result in stronger communities; and


  • Developing expertise around substance use issues for an array of audiences.


Substance Use Best Practice Tool Guide


The Substance Use Best Practice Tool Guide contains information and resources for a wide array of audiences.



Best Practices for Adults


The Behavioral Health Services for Adults Best Practice Guidelines contain information, statistics, and resources on selected behavioral health disorders as they apply to adults, specifically persons over 18 years of age.



Best Practices for Children & Adolescents


These guidelines have been developed to offer health care professionals evidence-based best practices in serving individuals from birth to the age of 17.