ASAP of Anderson(865) 457-3007

Who we are


A coalition of volunteers from our community including:


  • Youth
  • Parents
  • Business Community
  • Media
  • Schools
  • Youth Serving Organizations
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Religious or Fraternal Organizations
  • Civic and Volunteer Groups
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • State and Local Government Agencies
  • Other Organizations Involved in Reducing Substance Misuse





ASAP of Anderson works toward population level substance misuse prevention by incorporating a comprehensive and complementary approach to
The Seven Strategies for Community Change.


1. Providing Information – education, presentations, printed media and media campaigns (e.g.: I AM ONE media campaign promoting Tennessee’s Social Host Liability Law, promotion of drug disposal locations)


2. Building Skills – workshops and training classes (e.g.: responsible alcohol sales classes, drug-free workplace trainings, parent classes)


3. Providing Support – providing positive alternative activities, mentoring, referrals, support groups and clubs (e.g.: ASAP Youth Ambassadors, tips for parents and teens, age verification materials for businesses)


4. Enhancing Access/Reducing Barriers – increasing opportunities to utilize systems and services (e.g.: providing treatment referrals, medication disposal events)


5. Changing Consequences – increasing the likelihood of good behavior and decreasing the likelihood of bad behavior (e.g.: fine structure for businesses that sell alcohol to minors, reward responsible businesses)


6. Physical Design – modifying the physical design of the environment (e.g.: park signage, permanent medication disposal bins at police departments and pharmacies)


7. Modifying/Changing Policy – formal changes in laws or rules and encouraging enforcement of existing regulations (e.g.: mandatory training for clerks who sell alcohol, mandatory I.D. checks for those purchasing alcohol)



The ASAP Coalition typically meets on the fourth Monday of the month at noon at the Anderson County Health Department.  Check our calendar for updates to the meeting dates, times, and locations.