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What We Do

Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) works to bring together all sectors of the community to effectively implement environmental strategies to prevent and reduce underage alcohol use and other substance abuse. Recent activities include:Disposal Bin for brochure

  • School-based interactive education programs including Reach Out Now and Life Skills
  • Increase disincentives for alcohol retailers by implementing compliance checks
  • Policy advocacy to mandate training for off-premise alcohol outlets
  • Community-wide medicine collection program
  • Provide community support by providing referrals to treatment
  • Community-wide campaign aimed at parents to increase knowledge of Tennessee’s Social Host Liability Law
Coalition Meetings

The Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention meet monthly on the fourth Monday at noon in the basement of First Baptist Church of Clinton.

Responsible Alcohol Sales Classes

You may be required by a local ordinance to complete a Responsible Alcohol Sales class or you may just want a refresher to protect your business and maintain compliance with underage drinking laws.

Classes are $50 per student and are held on the first Monday and second Saturday of each month. You may pay in person during class if you pay by check or cash.

To pay by credit card, register online through Paypal:

Class Date

To schedule a training appropriate for your setting, contact ASAP today at 865-457-3007.

Drug-Free Workplace

ASAP offers training sessions for employees and supervisors to companies who seek to maintain their certification with the Tennessee Drug Free Workplace Program. All training sessions are consistent with the requirements outlined in the Tennessee Rules of Department of Labor, Division of Workers’ Compensation, Chapter 800-2-12.13(a and b) for Drug Free Workplace Programs.

ASAP offers on-site training sessions for any shift. Each training session provides detailed information to promote understanding of the company policy. In addition, information on the purpose of the Drug Free Workplace Program and related employee obligations are discussed, along with a discussion about addiction, commonly abused substances, and treatment options. Employees will participate in an activity to promote a healthy workplace and will be given information on how to recognize impairment.

Supervisor training is offered to promote understanding of supervisor roles and responsibilities as they relate to the company’s Drug Free Workplace Program. ASAP’s supervisor training outlines signs of abuse and provides tips for recognizing on-the-job impairment. The supervisor training provides recommendations on how to approach a policy violation and provides discussion on reasonable suspicion, treatment referral, and supportive management.

Training Costs:

Employee Training
Mandatory annual hours: 1
Cost: $75/hour
Includes: training appropriate for groups up to 50 participants, depending on company space limitations

Supervisor Training
Mandatory annual hours: 3
Cost: $75/hour
Includes: training and handouts appropriate for groups up to 50 participants, depending on company space limitations

Drug-Free Workplace Program Development
Program application assistance
Cost: $250 flat fee
Includes: assistance with company policy, drug testing policy, EAP protocol, and application materials

Reach Out Now Reach Out Now is an alcohol prevention education class for 5th and 6th grade students. It is a 45 minute hands-on and interactive class that teaches students about the danger of underage drinking. The Reach Out Now program covers how alcohol affect the mind and body of the students. It also teaches students how to avoid the danger of underage drinking.

LifeSkills Training The LifeSkills Training program is an exciting new approach to prevention which is designed to focus primarily on the major social and psychological factors promoting the initiation and early stages of substance use/abuse. The main emphasis of the LifeSkills Training program is on the development of important personal and social skills. Some of the material included in the program relates to the acquisition on general life skills, while other material relates in a more direct and specific way to the problem of substance abuse.

LifeSkills Training program is designed for middle school students. It can be taught in grades 6th through 9th. It consists of 12 units and 3 optional units which are designed to be taught in sequence. The program can be schedule to be taught every day, once a week or multiple times a week. LifeSkills Training program offers level 2 & level 3 booster sessions that builds off the material from the first level.

Athletes and Alcohol

ASAP provides an educational program for middle and high schools sports program on the effects of alcohol to an athlete. This 45 minute to hour-long program covers how alcohol affects the mind and body of an athlete and the dangers of underage drinking. Alcohol affects the brain, muscle, and cardiac performance which are all essential to an athletes performance.45107_120870201408635_1283097331_n

Be a Parent, Not A Peer.

Be a Parent, Not a Peer is an ongoing campaign to stop underage drinking.  It informs and encourages parents to not to allow their children to spend time with enablers and not to be an enabler themselves.  An enabler is any adult supplying alcohol to teens, allowing or encouraging underage drinking.  Enablers take on many forms:  parents, relatives or older friends.  Enablers do much more harm than good by allowing teens to drink in their homes or by purchasing alcohol.

Parents Who Host, Lose the Most

The Parents Who Host, Lose the Most is ongoing campaign to inform parents about the danger of underage drinking and hosting underage drinking parties. The Parents Who Host, Lose the Most is a campaign to inform parents about the Social Host Laws in Tennessee. ASAP partnered with the three area high school to do the Parents Who Host, Lose the Most campaigns at the schools sporting events. We did the campaign during football season at Clinton and Anderson County High School. We shared information about the Social Host Law of Tennessee and handed out boom sticks with the Parents Who Host, Lose the Most Logo to the fans. We did the same campaign with Oak Ridge High School during basketball season. We also partnered with ACTV channel 95 to run a three-minute commercial to promote the Parents Who Host, Lose the Most campaign. The commercial is still running on Channel 95 in Anderson County to inform parents about the Social Host Law in Tennessee.