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  • In less than one year working with law enforcement and businesses, ASAP helped improve compliance with underage drinking laws by 10%
  • In one year working with students, ASAP helped increase the perception of harm of alcohol by 14%
  • In two years working with law enforcement and the community, ASAP helped collect and properly dispose over 2,000 pounds of unused medicine
  • ASAP partnered with the Governor’s Highway Safety Office and local law enforcement to hold three sobriety checkpoints in 2012; 12 drunk drivers were removed from our streets
  • ASAP provided equipment to local law enforcement and school systems including passive alcohol sensors and undercover surveillance equipment
  • ASAP partnered with the Anderson County School System to provide training on signs of impairment to school administrators
  • Six months after the passage of a local ordinance mandating training, ASAP trained more than 30 clerks; average test score was 98%

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