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A drug-free Anderson County




To prevent and reduce substance misuse among youth and adults in Anderson County





Prevention: is cost effective and ensures a long-term, healthy solution for substance use prevention that spans across generations


Compassion: all people deserve an opportunity to be a contributing member of our community; destigmatizing substance use disorder is the foundation by which this will be achieved


Knowledge: raise awareness and provide education to ensure Anderson County continues to be on the forefront of effective prevention strategies


Connected: collaborate across all twelve sectors of our community to ensure prevention is a priority so we can effectively meet people where they are


Progress: implement a comprehensive and complimentary set of strategies, proven to be effective in preventing and reducing substance misuse in Anderson County


Proactive: continuously meet the needs of the community by being pioneers in the field of prevention and using proximate data to identify new and emerging trends





In 2008, the Anderson County Health Council voted unanimously to establish a substance misuse prevention coalition. From there, Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) of Anderson County was born.


In 2010, the coalition was funded by the Drug-Free Communities Support Program and has been positively impacting our community ever since.


In 2018, Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) of Anderson County simplified to their current coalition name, ASAP of Anderson.


ASAP activities are updated quarterly in our newsletter.